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Aspen Ridge Group was founded by Jack Juliano, an Oakland County high schooler. While working with The ELE Cares Foundation, Jack found a problem with today’s kids: we aren’t teaching them the financial skills they need. 

Our founder aimed to solve this problem. With the help of a group of fellow dedicated students, what began as an finance-focused YouTube channel stemmed into what Aspen Ridge Group is today: a nonprofit dedicated to teaching financial literacy to Oakland County youth.


We aim to launch a camp within the Detroit community in the summer of 2020–one that will teach kids the financial skills they’ll need for future success.

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Jack Juliano


Michelle Applegate


Asher Lukehart


Tari Weber


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Valarie Sherr

Chief Technology Officer

Aria Mingo

Chief Experience Officer

Marlena Brown

Chief Innovative Officer

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What We Do

We’ve worked hard to develop a program in which people 
are able to learn about finance in a comprehensive and interesting way.

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By integrating lessons into activities, we make financial topics like saving, budgeting, debit and credit, and investments easy to understand and fun to learn. 

Whether it’s through math competitions, a mock marketplace, or stock-market simulations, campers are engaged while they learn.

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Our instructors are high-achieving, dedicated high school and adult volunteers who we hand select. Through our training process, they become both knowledgeable in finance and capable in a classroom setting.

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The ultimate goal of Camp YAB is to pass applicable skills on to campers. Topics and their activities are all aimed at this goal. Not only are activities interactive, but they simulate real-world situations that campers can relate to.